Water is Precious in the Desert. Speak Up to Protect It.

We have written before about Cadiz Inc's plans to pump nearly 16 billion gallons of water from the Mojave to sell it to an Orange County water district. The plan could imperil natural springs that wildlife depend upon for survival.  If Cadiz pumps enough water, the groundwater level will drop so low that natural springs dry up, according to hydrologists.

Cadiz infographic

Protect desert groundwater from wasteful exploitation.

A California state legislator introduced a bill (Assembly Bill 1000) that would subject Cadiz's water pumping plans to additional review to ensure that there are no significant impacts on these natural springs. If you are a California resident, we urge you to follow this link to send a message to your state representatives to support this legislation.  Desert groundwater belongs to wildlife, not a swimming pool in Orange County.

Bonanza Spring, just south of the Mojave National Preserve, could be affected by Cadiz Inc's proposed groundwater pumping.  This spring provides precious water to bighorn sheep, migrating birds, and other species.  If Cadiz is allowed to pump 16 billion gallons of water a year, this amazing spot in the desert could dry up.