More Stars than Hollywood

Astronomers setting up one of the telescopes and waiting for the setting sun to be replaced by millions of stars.

Visitors to the Preserve had a great time at our June Star Party, with great food, company, and stars shining overheard.  Our friends at the Old Town Pasadena Sidewalk Astronomers brought some high-powered telescopes with which visitors had the chance to see the features of planets in our solar system, and far away galaxies. But the view with the naked eye is also impressive, especially as the Milky Way comes into view.  This is a special treat because nearly one-third of the world's population does not have a regular opportunity to see the Milky Way because of light pollution, according to a study.

Even deep in the Mojave, sometimes the sky does not cooperate.  We had cancelled a prior Star Party attempt because of a severe weather forecast.  But some visitors were not deterred.  Although the organized event was cancelled, they showed up and set up their tents.  Mother Nature rewarded them when the clouds broke later that night and revealed the Milky Way. But even when clouds linger a night in the Mojave is a wonderful experience.  Distant thunder, the song of a coyote, the hoot of an owl, the flutter of bats and specialized moths. The Mojave is alive at night.

If you want to experience this, stay tuned. We are planning another Star Party for the fall.